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Doubling of linear resolution size

Doubling of linear resolution size to make an obvious improvement is the same as a quadrupling of megapixels. A simple doubling of megapixels, even if all else remained the same, is very subtle. The factors that matter, like color and sharpening algorithms, are far more significant.

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3/29/2008 8:53:23 PM

Willie  L
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/28/2006
  I think it's funny how everything this fake user "paul long" posts is lifted off of the internet without any credit given to the original owner.
He likes all of us to believe that he is so creative and photo smart.
Here are just two examples, his last two posts.
Firt there is the Shark Cat that is all over the internet with an imbeded copyright that he cropped off so that
he could post it here.
Please check it out here.

Next is his Megapixel post. Check it
out here.

I just feel bad for all of the helpful
BP users who take the time to respond to
his fake meaningless posts.

To quote another BP user.

He just likes to log on everyday and
see his posts at the top.

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3/30/2008 5:00:55 PM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005

Contact the people at BP; perhaps you could get him banned due to his flagrant copyright infringement. You might also contact the owner of the original images, they just might have enough time, energy and money to sue this fool.

He is on other photo boards as well.

Your detective work is appreciated.

I'd love to stay and do a psyche workup on this person, but no couch has been built large enough to carry his abberant behavior patterns.

Thanks Willie,


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3/30/2008 5:09:59 PM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/21/2004
  i'm not the only one slick.

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3/30/2008 10:25:20 PM

Alan N. Marcus   A kindergartner is instructed to apply watercolor paint and uniformity cover a 20 mm by 30mm placard. The task is nicely accomplished by a 5 year who uses 50 ml of paint to do the job. How much paint will be required if the placard is doubled to 40mm by 60mm?

Answer: area (area=base x height) therefore a placard 20 mm by 30 mm has an area of 600 square millimeters.

A placard 40mm by 60mm has an area of 2,400 square millimeters.

2,400 square millimeters is exactly 4 times 600 square millimeters.

Conclusion: Double the dimensions of a geometric figure and you increase its area 4 times. This astounding fact of math apples to circles, double the diameter of any circle increases its surface area four times. Thus if you double the size of the aperture of a lens you gain a four times increase is light gathering power i.e. two f/stops.

This is not exactly new news.

By the way, the enlarged placard requires the kindergartner to apply 200 ml of paint i.e. four times more paint.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carol

Alan Marcus (marginal technical gobbledygook)

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3/30/2008 10:32:14 PM

Anonymous    whatever dude

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4/1/2008 3:03:33 AM

It's waaay over his head, Alan...

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4/1/2008 5:38:29 AM

Anonymous    Obama and Hilary did it, and there not in jail yet. They gave no credit to the original speaker until after they got busted. So you got me, now what Gringo?

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4/1/2008 7:57:53 AM

Anonymous    ?

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4/4/2008 7:47:42 PM

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