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Timothy W. Morris

Problem w/Backing up Photos onto CD-R

I've been burning all of my images onto Memorex CD-R's, and have never encountered any problems....until now.
I just went to back up a couple more images onto a CD-R that still has 156MB free, yet to my surprise, all of the previously saved images that WERE on this disc are now gone. I open up the CD-R, and there is nothing there, YET, on the 'my computer' page, it's showing 156MB space free out of the alloted 702MB. I tried to access the images by going through Elements 5.0, and there are still no images showing up.
My question is...if the disc is showing that there is something on there to take up 546MB of space (which should be my images), why then AREN'T they showing up?
I have accessed these images from this exact disc a couple weeks ago with no problems....what could have happened?
One other thing...when I pop the disc into my drive, and autoplay pops up, there is no option to open a folder, I'm simply given various burning options, as well as asked if I want to format the disc, which I did before I began burning onto the first time..please help :(

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2/11/2008 2:24:18 PM

John P. Sandstedt
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  There may be a problem with Memorex - in fact with my copy of Roxio Easy Media Creator Version 8, the Tech Support folks said that they had many, many problems reported for these CDs.

Today, s friend suggested that there is a warning about Memorex in the Roxio Manual. HAven't found it but, since I switched, no problems.

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2/12/2008 4:53:26 PM

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