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Anette Mossbacher
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/21/2004

How to save Images for the Web ?

Hi to all,

as I am researching now for at least 2 weeks the Internet : How to save Images for the Web ?

My Images always showed up flat, straight flat.
Figured out to set my new Mac to 2.2 Gamma D65.... done.
Display calibrated, wow what a bliss to work on this new 30" Display.
In Safari my Images were always great, but when I switched on my PC, flat...flat flat. Found in the Web Safari displays your images always correct, fantastic, tell the World to us only Safari, well to big issue. I am new Mac User and just love it. :)
Anyway, to get my images correct into the Web, searching was on.
I stumbled over all kinds of good Websites and nonsense Websites. I read myself threw Forums with little knowledge and much knowledge, but never a proper easy understanding answer !
For sure not how to do it !!

In PS CS3 in View I set the the Proof Setup to Windows, not to Monitor, there I have a little clue how it will look on a PC with Explorer, Firefox, Opera...etc.

Anyway, I found 2 great Websites for all which still stumbling threw the dark. One I found in this Forum, thank god.
Here the Links of them:

In the second Link have a look as well in the other Links provided, if you like. There is many Info to find. It helped me a lot.

But there, if anyone has some other suggestions how to save the images for the Web. Easier, faster with settings and all that. Where to make the hook and where not and who knows what else.
Please, go on, let the others and me know, I am keen to get this finally right. Without sitting there at the end and pushing more Saturation in it just for the web.

Thanks a lot


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2/6/2008 1:28:09 AM

Richard Lynch
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/12/2005
  How is your color management set up?

I have that monitor too (30" Apple Cinema Display), and it is great but I still calibrate.

Usually you will do best to save images for the web working with an sRGB color space and saving to JPEG if that is what you mean. However, you say the images look good on the mac and not the PC -- yet you aren't using the same monitor...why blame the browser or OS and not the monitor?

All monitors are not created equal -- or else you'd not have gotten the cinema display! my guess is the PC monitor you were using needs calibration at least...but is it maybe also old? potentially damaged? Is it a CRT, LCD, laptop?

i teach an entire course on color management that is as fitting to the web as it is to print:

From Monitor to Print: Photoshop Color Workflow

It may save time and searching. Color management is a complex process, and there are often multiple points where things may go astray. Your best bet is to arm yourself for the best result.

Richard Lynch

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2/6/2008 4:18:03 AM

Anette Mossbacher
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/21/2004
  Hi Richard,

Thanks for your fast response.

what I got: 30" HD Display ( Apple ), Mac Pro 2.6...etc. 5GB Memory

HD Display as well PC Display are calibrated. Both Displays at 2.2 Gamma RGB with Spyder 2Pro.
But I check on PC the Website in Explorer & Firefox. I want to know how the World out there see the Photographs.

My Workflow is, get my Photograph into PS with working space Adobe 1998.
The View set to Monitor as this is calibrated and shows me best for printing..etc.
I save the Photograph in PSD not sharpened, if there would be need !
When I pick out 1 PSD file for Web, I convert it into sRGB,set the View to Windows, from there I resize the Photograph into the desired size. After that I sharpen it in LAB / Lightness, bring it back into RGB Mode. Usually or better said most of the time I have to add Saturation, Contrast..etc.before sharpening. The image loose quite a bit in View Windows mode. Click Save for Web, follow the steps, settings usually to High or Very High. No ICC Profile added.
Format: Images Only
Settings: Default Settings

What I am asking is:
Is there a faster easier way to do that without loosing Saturation...etc. to get the Photographs done ?

But will consider for sure your course :)

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2/6/2008 4:34:52 AM

Richard Lynch
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/12/2005
  An aside first...The idea that the AdobeRGB working space is best for print is perhaps correct, but it comes with other baggage -- such as not being able to accurately render CMYK values on your monitor...which leads you to correcting color you really can't see.

Gamma for mac and pc are different -- mac is 1.8

I can tell you've been reading a lot of stuff as your process is pretty complicated. You are trying to assimilate a lot of things and while some of the theories are good, they may not be practical or make a real difference. For example, going to lab mode just to sharpen is unnecessary. you could, instead, add a luminosity layer and sharpen that without the additional mode change.

When you convert to sRGB, what profile do you embed? looks like none? Embedding sRGB would not be harmful.

if you have to saturate each time, you are not correcting the images properly in the first place.

The faster way is to make an action that saves your images with a set process...but frankly I'd simplify that process first!

Richard Lynch

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2/6/2008 7:43:19 AM

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