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john smith

Sigma 135-400mm: Anyone had any experience?

I have an Olympus kit with 2 zooms; a 14-45mm and a 45-150. I would like to add a longer zoom and have been looking at the 135-400mm Sigma. With a four-thirds camera, there isn't much selection in lenses at the moment.

Has anyone had any experience with this lens and it's quality?

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12/22/2007 3:48:40 PM

Wilfredo De Los Rios   Glen. I have the Olympus E300 with the two lenes like you. I just placed and order fot this new lenes, Check this out.. Olympus has today announced a new Zuiko Digital ED 70-300 F4.0-5.6 telezoom for ... lens is a perfect complement for the recently-launched Olympus E-510Covering field of view to 600mm (35mm equivalent), this high mobility super-telephoto zoom lens weighs only 620 grams. Also, this lens incorporates three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) lens elements to offer sharper, higher-contrast imaging performance. Furthermore, 1x magnification (35mm equivalent) tele-macro photography is capable. Thanks to Four-Thirds system, the lens offers a lot of the footwork out of both super-telephoto and macro photography. Glen Use only Oylmpus lenes. Go to You will have a pick of many Olympus Lenese.

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12/26/2007 8:59:07 PM

Peter A. Stavrakoglou   Wilfredo, there's a lot of speculation that may be correct which says this new Zuiko is built by Sigma. Maybe, maybe not. In any case, Sigma makes some fine lenses.

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12/31/2007 6:38:37 PM

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