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Colleen Farrell
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/13/2004

What Happened to the buZZ filter?

It looks like the people who made the buZZ filter are out of business ... the domain name is gone, etc. Wish I'd bought it a couple months ago when I was testing the demo!

Are there places that still sell this plug-in, or are there similar plug-ins available (for the Mac)?

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12/19/2007 10:49:22 PM

Carolyn  M. Fletcher
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/6/2001
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  Nobody has been able to find anything similar so far. We are hoping somebody buys up the rights to it.

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12/20/2007 2:16:14 AM

Colleen Farrell
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/13/2004
  Oh, bummer. Well, hopefully somebody will. It was such a popular package. Thanks for the response, Carolyn.

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12/20/2007 7:58:39 AM

Richard Lynch
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/12/2005
  Any of these effects (and many, many more) can be created right in Photoshop using the right techniques. What effect do you want to create? Learning how to do one will open the door to hundreds more and more of your own creativity than relying on a plugin that anyone can apply.

Richard Lynch

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12/20/2007 8:52:26 AM

Colleen Farrell
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/13/2004
  Hi Richard - you're right, of course. I'm learning CS3 and loving every minute of it!

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12/20/2007 9:13:11 AM

Sharon  Day
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/27/2004
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  That's too bad. Buzz was so popular I'm surprised it went out of business.

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12/20/2007 7:16:47 PM

A. J. Perry   Good news for Buzz Pro2 filter lovers...
I've discovered a web site for downloading a trial demo of the Buzz filter and it works perfectly on my PC...don't know about Mac users....

Since the trial demo only allows 30 sessions and then expires, requiring a purchase authorization number, a little ingenuity is required. As you all know, the Mfg in the UK has gone out of business and there is no way of purchasing an authorization number, order to continue using the filter beyond the 30 session limit, it's simply a matter of re-downloading the free trial version from the web site just as you did the first time.....But first, there's a little trick you have to learn otherwise each time you re-download what you might think is a "fresh" version, turns out to be an "expired" version.....

The trick is simple......Before re-downloading, you first have to un-install the expired version and delete all icons and other references completely. I also go one step further and purge my recycle bin as well. Next, go back to a "new restore point" on your computer. If you mark down the date somewhere that you first installed the program, then make the new restore point at least one day prior to that and that will overide any "30 day limit memory" embedded by the first downloaded version. Unfortunately, this has to be done each time a fresh version is "timed out" after 30 sessions, but so long as this web site remains active, Buzz filter lovers can continue to buzzzzz to their heart's content. Here's the web site...

good luck

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1/6/2008 3:05:40 PM

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