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Rich R

Time Stamp

I'd like to remove the time stamp from some pictures. I've read that digitally altering them is the only way. However, what is strange is that the stamp does not show up in the the thumbnail view. It must be added when I open the photo in a pic viewer. Any suggestions?

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11/25/2007 4:01:36 PM

Removing date/time stamps requires careful, manual editing. One photo at a time. Success may vary per photo.

Why don't you post one of those photos? So we could see if and how it would be possible (for that particular photo).

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11/25/2007 4:30:39 PM

Maxim Synapse   Use Inpaint, it is date stamp removal tool

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2/19/2012 7:50:39 AM

Pat Harry
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  Whew. I think you've made your sales pitch.

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2/19/2012 2:03:13 PM

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