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Pat Worster
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I will be scanning slides from a professional wildlife photographer and printing them out and also making a high resolution cd/dvd. I have the pricing for the prints worked out but what should I charge for the cd/dvd. This photog has passed away and his wife has donated all of his slides plus the copyright to a wildlife refuge and I have been asked to do the processing. Any help n this matter would be appreciated. Thanks.

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11/6/2007 5:45:46 PM

Bob Fately   Pat, this is just my opinion, but it seems to me that if you have worked out the prices for prints (which obviously must include your time and effort for scanning the slides) you could just charge something nominal for the disk(or disks). I mean, in essence, there is virtually no extra work involved - you're just copying the files you made with the scans. The cost of the CD or DVD is something (and be sure to use gold-based archival disks) but if it were me, I'd leave it at $5 or maybe $10 a disk.

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11/7/2007 4:01:14 PM

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