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Jennifer  D. Berhorst

photoshop 6

Ok so I bought Photoshop 6 thinking it would be like the older version. I am trying to make a color pic black and white and then bring the color back in a picture, a flower. In the old version you would go to adjustments and desaturate. Well I can not find either of those in my version. Help please.

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11/6/2007 8:40:18 AM

Hi Jennifer,

Looks like you're talking about Photoshop Elements 6 (a.k.a. "PSE"), instead of Photoshop the-big-un, part of CS3 (Creative Suite 3). The latter's price ia about US$ 500. Did you pay that? Or more like US$ 100? That would be PSE.

Unfortunately, if it IS Photoshop Elements you're talking about, I have version 2.0. So can't help you. I've used Photoshop, the past 4 years.

However, I'm sure the answer to your question is right there, on your desk. In the manual. Or in the Help file.

Good luck!

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11/6/2007 5:05:37 PM

Richard Lynch
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/12/2005
Desaturation may not be the best means of converting to B&W. I show several ways in my course Leveraging Layers: Photoshop's Most Powerful Tool. However, assuming you have elements 6 and want to do it as you suggest, here are the steps I'd use...

1. Open the image. I assume for these steps that the image is flattened; you will have to adjust the steps as suitable if not.
2. Duplicate the Background. name the new layer Duplicate (or something pleasing).
3. Open Hue/Saturation (Enhance> Adjust Color> Adjust Hue/Saturation) and move the saturation slider all the way to the left. This will desaturate the layer.
4. Activate the Background layer by clicking on it in the Layers palette.
5. Create a new, blank layer by clicking the Create a New Layer button on the layers palette. Name the new layer Mask.
6. Activate the Duplicate layer and press Option+G / Alt+G [Mac / PC]. This will make the layers into a clipping group that will act like a mask. Th image will turn back to color.
7. Choose the Brush tool and paint with any color on the Mask layer. As you do, the Duplicate layer will be revealed.

You can touchup the Mask layer to show/hide more and less of the Duplicate layer using the Brush and Eraser on the Mask layer only.

I have not yet made my Elements add-ons for Elements 6 which will include a masking tool. When I do it will be available on my Elements website which has add-ons for all other versions:

I hope that helps!


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11/6/2007 7:13:48 PM

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