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Diane Jacobs

Setting Shutter Speed on 20D

Hello I am new here and came here after purchasing a used 20d canon camera and although I have the maual, I am not understanding what it is saying to me. It's a great camera and so far, I have used it out doors. Love it.
Here is my question...
I am going to shoot my daughter indoors training her horses. I know that the low light and animal action are going to make this difficult.
I am also aware that I need to figure out what mode to shoot this in as well as how to increase my ISO and shutter speed.
Can anyone advise me? She's a trainer and is going to build a website to help promote herself and I want to do the best possible job to help her go professional.
Can anyone advise me? I do have a part time job with a photographer as an office manager, but I'll be honest, although she's great, I simply do not feel comfortable asking her these questions as she could be taking the images (for a price) for my daughter, but my daughter is on a tight budget right now.
Can anyone help me?

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11/6/2007 8:05:48 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  Don't bother with the built-in flash as it is too weak to light subects more than ~10 ft away. Do you have a high powered accessory flash? How close will you be?

Without flash: Shoot in one of the Creative exposure modes (P, Tv, Av, M) which will allow you to manually set the ISO to 800 or 1600. Your choice whether you (1) select Av and set the aperture wide open (smallest f-number your lens allows) which gives you the fastest shutter speed that gives good exposure, or (2) shoot in Tv selecting a fast enough shutter speed to stop action or camera motion blur.

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11/6/2007 11:54:04 AM

Diane Jacobs   Thank you! I have a vivtar 285 flash. Say I were to shoot in 800 or try 400...given those choices...if I decided to use TV, what would you set the shutter speed to and would I set the shutter speed on the camera? So many buttons!

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11/7/2007 3:48:28 AM

Mike Rubin
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/15/2004
  I don't photograph horses so I cannot comment on the proper shutter speed needed but you should make sure that a flash is allowed and will not scare the horse.

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11/11/2007 6:53:50 PM

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