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Julie A. Whyte

Does anyone use Portrait Professional 6 software?

I have come across a $100 software program cakked Portrait Professional 6 by Anthropics Technology that seems to do an incredible job on facial touch-ups with a minimal amount of work. Rather than needing to click over and over and over again to clone out blemishes and smooth skin out, this software lets you outline eyes, nose, mouth, entire face, then use tons of slider adjustments to control enhancements (softening wrinkles and blemishes, whitening the eyes or teeth, slightly enhancing the eye color, or giving a more tanned appearance, to name a few). The trial version impressed me, however you can not save an image and print it until the software is purchased. Is anyone using this or is a fly-by-night deal? I am the first to admit that short-cuts can become long-cuts, and I do NOT want to sacrifice quality for a little bit of saved time. If I am better off buying a more expensive software program and learning it, I am willing to do that. Any thoughts or experience is appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!

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10/22/2007 11:10:00 PM

"however you can not save an image"

Can't you make a screenshot?

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10/23/2007 2:32:36 AM

Brenda  D. 
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/27/2005
  Julie, I have used this program for over a year now , I have never had a problem with it. once you purchase the program, you will be able to save the re-touched photo plus keep the original, once you have the photo the way you want the adjustment, just go to your tool bar and click on "file" then, "save picture as" and it will save the photo with a "PP" mark beside it. if you need any thing else please email me. You wont regret buying PP program, especialy if you do teen portraits.

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10/23/2007 8:11:19 AM

Julie A. Whyte   Thank you so much Brenda! It's nice to hear from someone that's using it and developing prints from it. What I see on the screen is totally impressive, like I said. I realize that I won't have problems saving the images once I purchase it....the trial just lets you experiment on the screen, but of course they aren't going to "give away" the ability to actually print from it. I will definitely contact you if I need any input beyond what the manual explains. Thanks again!

(As far as making a screenshot, I guess I didn't try....I'll do that. Thanks!)

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10/23/2007 11:27:25 AM

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