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Nadia kronfli

Mark on photos

I recently purchased a Canon Rebel XTI. This is my first SLR and I am learning to use it. I have noted that when I take photos in sunshine I am getting a mark on the photo almost. This is more obvious where I have used an Ultraviolet filter on the lens (almost like a reflection of the filter). Could there be something wrong with the camera or is this a technique problem. All the photos I am talking about are exposure between 200-250 & f8-f10. I am attaching four images to illustrate and have circled the mark in red.

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10/22/2007 11:50:22 AM

Jon Close
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  The pictures didn't load, but almost certainly it is due to flare and ghosting - reflections of the sun off the sensor and lens elements. And it is probably worse due to use of the UV filter.

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10/22/2007 12:21:16 PM

Like Jon says, Nadia: it's probably 'flare'.

How to avoid flare:

1) don't shoot into the sun,

2) use filters only when absolutely neccessary,

3) use a lens hood at ALL times!

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10/24/2007 1:44:32 PM

  applied flare
applied flare
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Unless you WANT flare.

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10/24/2007 9:24:31 PM

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