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Ben E. Norton

changing aperture for depth of field

I am still a novice to photography, I have a Nikon F-100. When you want to change your aperture, to change the depth of field, say, in aperture priority mode,you have to change the setting in the camera. Do you also have to make the change on the lens barrel at the aperture ring, or leave it locked down to minimal aperture? Thanks. ben3md

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10/20/2007 3:45:30 PM

Jon Close
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  Leave the lens aperture ring set to the minimum aperture (largest f-number). Modern Nikon bodies electronically control the aperture of Nikon's AF lenses (and some older manual focus lenses, AI-P, that have elecronic connections). So in A and M modes set the aperture with the camera's controls.

With older manual focus non-CPU AI lenses, the F100 cannot control the aperture and will display "F--". With these lenses the desired aperture is set with th lens's aperture ring.

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10/20/2007 4:19:59 PM

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