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Heather L. Baublit
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/25/2007

Doing an Art Show, Need Advice!

I have been selected to show/sell my work at two upcoming Art Walks in my area. I have of course been stressing over every detail down to the color of the table cloth!

The 1st Art Walk, all the local businesses downtown are hosting artists. So wall space isn't really provided. I will have a table, or two with a few browsing "containers" of my 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 matted and sealed work and bought some table displays for the framed work! (that's another stressful issue!)

So, to the big question! I need advice of a color for the linen covering my table! I know this sounds absurd, but a friend of mine who sells candle and does parties says her company tells them to use black because if shows off the colors of the candles. I have NEVER thought of anything like this before. I automatically assumed white linen would be the best. Clean, bright, classy. Does anyone have any idea if there is in fact truth that the linen color to take away or show off my work even more?!

Okay, while I am here, does anyone have any experience with these walks? Do you know which is more likely to sell - 8x10s or 11x14s? Matted or Framed? And one of the locations is in the wealthiest part of this portion of the state -- do I amp up prices at that one?!

Thanks a bunch! 7 days and counting until my 1st Art Walk!!


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10/10/2007 9:07:29 PM

Kathy Radford
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/2/2006
  Heather, I think I am too late for your walk, I hope you did well. I recently attended a seminar that covered booths and art displays. You will play it safe with black. I definately wouldn't use white, orange or purple. The in colors are the ish colors, bluish and greenish are the current hot colors.

I would bring a mixture of both matted and framed work. I always bring an EZ-Up Tent (for protection from sun/rain) along with tall screens for displaying my work and also containers for matted prints. I display some small framed pieces and my note cards on a table. Place your work on tables on different levels using risers, to create a more interesting and artistic arrangement. These are the tips I picked up at the seminar, I hope they help in the future. Kathy in NH

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10/27/2007 12:14:40 PM

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