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Lisa  M. McGinnis

What type of lighting kit is good for a new studio

I have been doing freelance on location photography for a few years and my boss just built me my own studio! I need to know what kind of lighting kit is necessary for just starting out. I have a portable smith vector 3 piece kit that was pretty cheap.....i hear alot about strobe light kits ect..... I need help!

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9/30/2007 10:38:16 PM

Hi Lisa,

very nice of your boss to build you your own studio. But what are you going to do with it? Aren't you into "doing freelance on location photography"? Afaik "on location" is NOT studio photography...

I'm also into location photography. That's why I have a "portable studio". It basically consists of 3x wireless 5600HS D flashguns on their own tripods (2 battery sets per), triggered by the pop-up flash on my camera (set to 'wireless' = IR), a 3' and a 4' silver/white Lastolite reflector. This combo provides plenty 'oomph', I can bounce and fake softboxes and balance shadows, and endlessly vary combinations. And the whole schpiel fits a medium- sized suitcase, so it's perfect for locationwork and stores under a bed.

A seeming downside is that you have no modelling lights. But, hey!, this is the digital age, so you simply do a test shot with the real light output, you chimp - on a laptop for a good view - and adjust if neccessary!

Indoors I shoot live subjects often with unsupported camera, because flash freezes movement anyway, and it enables me to move around freely, direct the scene, try different angles and viewpoints, or adjust the lighting.

This set also provides TWO backup flashguns for my 'primary' flashgun.

The combination of versatility, portability and power means that I use this setup often.

I now have 2 more 5600HS D's (and a spare tripod) for even more versatility and flexibility (backlighting and/or background lights).

Works like a charm.
And it beats every strobe light set I know for portability hands down!

Have fun

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10/1/2007 10:32:20 AM

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