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Blue (tungsten filter)

When I use a blue (tungsten) filter with daylight film to do indoor/ studio portrait work, I often get a decided, blue "tinge" to the photo. Why is this and how can I fix it? Also, what is the fastest tungsten print film that you know of?
I can only find an ISO 160?

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2/23/2002 8:01:06 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Not all "tungsten" lights are a true tungsten temperature. Consequently, you will often get cold colors shooting with a tungsten filter. There are blue filters which are less intense that you might try. As to tungsten print film, unfortunately, the fastest ISO I recall is the 160. I always thought this was silly since when shooting with tungsten it would be nice to have a little more speed. I know tungsten slide film (even the ISO100 stuff) is on the grainy side. Maybe it's too difficult to make a 400 speed tungsten print film with acceptable grain.

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2/23/2002 4:31:04 PM

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