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Irene Troy
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Creating a picture story in PS

Hi Folks I am trying to do something in Photoshop that I have not attempted before and am hoping that someone here can give me some direction. I want to create a photo story that will be complete on one 11X17 sheet. Think story board if that is clearer to understand. Beneath each image will be narrative outlining what is shown. The idea is to show the process by which a spider captures its prey and then devours it. I suppose this project would be similar to creating a montage, something I also dont really know how to do in PS. I know that I can create each image separately and then combine them into one image; however the placement of each separate image would be really hard. I know there has to be an easier way. I am using PS-CS3; however, I suspect the process would be the same as in PS CS2. Thanks for any instruction you can offer.


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9/20/2007 2:24:54 PM

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