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Sharon A. 

Dark Room

What equipment do I need for a dark room or tempary dark room?And,how do I use the equipment.Ball park what am I looking at in a finical bracket to get the supplies?And,where can I find them?At a low price..

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2/20/2002 1:02:16 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Well, you need an enlarger, lense(s), trays, chemicals, tanks and reels (if you plan on developing the film too). If you're interested I happen to have an enlarger and lenses etc. that I've never used that I am planning on selling. The enlarger will handle 35mm as well as 6x7 film.

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2/20/2002 7:39:38 PM

Sharon A.    Jeffk. Yes iam interested.How much are you asking.Email

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2/21/2002 9:10:25 AM

Sharon A.    Jeff K

Iwrote you back and i've gotten several returns stating their are problems sending you an email.I'd like to offer $100.00.Also I have a question does the lenses have a fungus on them?Sometimes in storage they get a fungus.

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2/23/2002 11:07:31 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Hmmm, I received your email and responded. Must be lost in cyber space. First of all the lenses are in perfect condition. I live in a very dry place so fungus is not a problem. The equipment I have is all new and never used (in original boxes with all the paperwork). There is everything you need, minus chemicals, to start developing and printing from 35mm or 6x7 film. I paid around $525 for it all so I'd like to get a little more than $100 for it. ;-)))

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2/23/2002 3:34:11 PM

Sharon A.    Well,Jeff give me a price.I've found the same kit for $300.00.With a company waranty.So I could'nt pay as much as I would for a new with waranty.I hope iam not afending you but,a waranty is better than no warranty.I have a photographer friend whom found this low price on the internet photographers association of america.He buys from them all the time and says products are good.He says you could of easily paid the price of $525.I have to really watch my money.I like to get the best offer you can get me .I'd like to thank you for the time you've take to talk with me.


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3/3/2002 11:11:00 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Sharon, no offense taken. Go for the $300 set up. Get it off the market before I start trying to sell mine. I don't want to have to compete with a price like that. ;-)))

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3/4/2002 1:07:14 PM

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