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Carlene Griffiths

Tri Pods

My husband loves photography. I wanted to get him a tripod for his Nikon D200 but I know next to nothing about camaras or tripods. He wants one that is tall enough that he doesn't have to bend over to take the picture. My husband is 6 foot tall. He likes the three way ajustable head. He take alot of pictures in the outdoors and of animals. I could ask more questions if I need to but I would like it to be a suprise. Can anyone give me some advice????

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9/4/2007 4:24:18 PM

Mary Iacofano
  Hi Carlene,
I bought my tripod from
They were wonderful to deal with. I had no idea what I needed and asked alot of questions. They put together a very nice lightweight set up for me. I suggest to google them & give them a call. Really Right Stuff.
I would purchase from them again.
What a wonderful present for your hubby.

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9/4/2007 5:05:52 PM

Donald R. Curry
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/2/2006

There are a lot of good tripods and everyone has their favorite. I use a Manfrotto tripod and I have been very pleased. They last a lifetime. I also use a Manfrotto ball head. This head gives you a lot of flexibility.

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9/4/2007 7:27:04 PM

Craig m. Zacarelli
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/3/2005
  tripods are like shoes, hard to find a good fitting, comfy pair for someone else...

try searching on the B&H website, look at "tripod legs" it will show you all the tripods without the heads, then when you find one, go look at the heads, there are sooo many to choose from, make sure you pick one that is rated for the weight of his cam with his longest lens and add a couple more if his rig is 8 pounds, get one rated for something like 15 pounds.. I also have a manfrotto tri pod (the convertable) and Ball head... I love the Manfrotto products.. I think they are great! Now im looking into the grip heads, they are just easier to use one handed.

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9/5/2007 4:25:22 AM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005
  Hello Carlene,

All good advice above.

I might add; a (tall) tripod is not always the best and often times not wanted by photographers. Basic physics principles apply...(i.e) the taller it gets,the tripod is more prone to vibration.

A good tripod should have (2) types of feet..The bottom of each leg; one rubber for smooth surfaces and one pointed for grass, dirt etc...

While the latest and greatest tripods use carbon fiber in their construction, this is a 2 edged sword..They are indeed lighter than their steel counter parts, but do not offer the same rigid stability of steel..I bought one of each.


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9/5/2007 5:28:55 AM

Craig m. Zacarelli
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/3/2005
  good call on the feet and CF Vs Steel Pete.. mine is Aluminum and is pretty lightweight, but, I wouldnt wanna hump it through the woods for any long amounts of time.. a few hrs is ok but for a whole day, I might tie it up in a tree and leave

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9/5/2007 5:38:29 AM

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