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Brandy A. Madrigal

I am responding to The International Library of Photography. I was just about to send $80.00 for the Book Endless Journeys Thanks to you I will not now I know they are a scam. I was wondering if you could answer one question for me? I was wondering if when you down load a pitcher with these people can they gane axcess to All My Pitchures on my personal Computer? I sure HOPE not Thank you for your time in this matter

Brandy Madrigal

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7/4/2007 4:07:01 PM

Vanessa Rabayda
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/4/2007
  No hon, they (or any other site) cannot gain access to your personal computer. When you upload (not download) a picture from your computer to any site, you are only giving a direct transfer for that specific picture in your computer to the site.

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7/19/2007 11:57:20 AM

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