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Kris Lingle
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purchase advice

I have been shooting with DSLR's for quite a few years now. My little point and shoot is WAY outdated. It has shutter lag really bad. What is the status of this problem with the newer models? I am looking to buy a compact point and shoot. I would like the higher zoom and IS. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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7/3/2007 10:15:56 PM

Oliver Anderson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/16/2004
  look at the Canon or Sony models for quality P&S cameras. It all comes down to how much you wanna spend. Spend more for a better camera and less for less.

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7/4/2007 9:54:40 AM

Bob Fately   Kris, I haven't seen any P&S camaeras that have eliminated shutter lag altogether. The reason, I believe, is that P&S cameras use CCD chips originally designed for movie cameras - so there is a short "setup time" taken by the internal electronics when you first press the shutter release. DSLRs use chips specifically made for still shooting, thus there is no similar lag (this is also why you can't see live images with DSLRs, except the ones today that make use of a second P&S type CCD in a split image path).

So the short answer is - the lags have gotten shorter, but they are still quite noticeable.

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7/5/2007 7:52:07 AM

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