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Rebel XT and Rebel XTi issues

Hi all

Haven't been around for awhile - been flat out with work and the business.

Just have two questions that I was hoping someone might be able to answer.

1. My Rebel XT seems to slighty slow in actually taking the photo. I will focus and push the shutter down, but it isn't until about 1-2 sec later that the shutter actually releases. Do you think it is wear and tear? I have taken approx 40,000 images on this camera, but I thought they were good for about 150,000 at least?

2. My new Rebel XTi doesn't seem to sync with my studio lights. It works fine with my 580EX or my 420EX but when I put the hotshoe on it and cord to my studio lights it doesn't fire? The hotshoe fires fine with my Rebel XT so I know everything is working.

I find it strange that a speedlight will fire, but not the hotshoe when they are connected to the same thing.

Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone

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7/1/2007 3:07:49 AM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/7/2005
  Just to add to no. 1 above. The shutter button doesn't seem to be as sensitive as it use to be, you really have to put some pressure on it to get it to fire.

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7/1/2007 3:09:26 AM

Marius Liebenberg
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  1. I have read the xt shutter life to be around 30 000 to 50 000 and the pro bodies up around 150 000. Maybe yours have had it. Send it in for service if the camera is worth it.

2. On point two, check your camera's custom function 9 shutter curtain sync 1st curtain or 2nd curtain: Change that and see if it works.

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7/2/2007 2:34:07 AM

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