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Cheryl Parker

Damp lens at the beach

Living here in the south where the humidity is so bad, can someone please tell me what to do when your lens gets damp(wet). While at the beach going from cool condo to outside heat, could this be the cause for the dampness? Also, my photos seem to be too light of course it's the middle of the day:( Could someone give me some pointers on taking photos at the beach and keeping lens dry? I appreciate any advise you can give! thanks!!

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6/27/2007 1:51:16 PM

Alan N. Marcus   Hi Cheryl,
Air conditioning, if working properly drops the humidity as it cools your condo. Your lucky, most home air conditioning units are week in both regards. Now camera equipment kept inside the condo will reach equilibrium with the inside air temperature. As you exit, the hot damp tropical air condenses forming water droplets on your gear, particularly the lens. The countermeasure is to keep the gear at near outside temperature by keeping it in a box with a light bulb or go to a pet store and buy a ceramic critter warmer. This is an appliance that looks like a miniature outdoor spot lamp but itís a heater designed to keep a small terrarium warm without emitting light. You know a heater for a habitat for lizards etc. You are making a warm box or drawer to keep your gear in. Which the camera temperature now above the dew point, when you exit the gear will not promote condensation.

Another tip; At a dive shop, check out their nifty lens and dive mask preparations that prevent fogging. This stuff works for camera lenses too.

You need to know, I only provide marginal technical advice.

Good luck,
Alan Marcus

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6/27/2007 4:40:03 PM

Craig m. Zacarelli
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  you are shooting in the worst part of the day... and on a beach no less... I cant say I am not a bit jelouse try either a Circular Polarizer filter or a neutral density filter. Its like sticking sunglasses on your lens! lol.. As for moisture, you can try sticking your camera into a big zip loc bag before leaving the house and letting it get used to the heat before taking it out.. I will advise that if you store it, like in your car or in a camera bag while this is happening, throw in some packets of Sillica gel ( that annoying little packet that comes with electronic items) it will help rid some of the moisture.

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6/28/2007 4:21:35 AM

Cheryl Parker   Thanks so much Alan and Craig. I will try these at the end of July! I noticed my photos from last year were better than this past May. Even used the same camera. Craig, I do know this is the worst time of the day:( Maybe I'll try and do better this time:) Thanks again so much!

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6/28/2007 6:35:09 AM

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