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Cindy Sj
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/27/2007

exhibiting photos for first!

I've been asked to present some of my photos to a local coffee shop to be considered for a small exhibit...and I know nothing about framing, matting, pricing, and most importantly, presenting them to the owners of the coffee shop for consideration! Can I take my laptop in and let them view the photos that way? Do they choose the photos or do I? They have several different colored I match anything to their walls? Is there a standard size print that I should be using? How do you get prints matted and bagged for sale? (if I even get that far!!) As you can see, I need guidance...and alot of it! thanks in advance!! cindy

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6/19/2007 8:38:11 AM

Raymond Johnston   Well Cindy, congratulations. One thing I might suggest, is the presentation.
I have here a Hobby Lobby or you can use any hobby shop that has picture mattes. I find the mattes on sale a lot of times for half price. Then at Walmart, you can get a decent frame for $2 -$5 depending on size. And then a local Walgreens, or something that has a photo lab you can get inexpensive prints.
I would then upload to Walgreens your selected prints. Then take them to the hobby shop and get mattes that are precut. You would want to have complimentary colors in your matte and pictures. You would not want to put an orange matte on a forest picture. You understand what I'm saying. Then go get your inexpensive frame. Basing costs here, I would think you would have about $6 a picture. You don't want too fancy a frame for fear it would "walk" off or get broken. You also don't want a frame/matte that would detract from your picture, but rather compliment it.
Then as you take orders, you can reframe it and rematte it to the customers preference and charge accordingly. I've seen some so-so picture setups wiyhout a frame selling foe $18-25.
I hope I have given you something to work with. Good luck.

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6/20/2007 12:35:15 PM

Raymond Johnston   Looking at your gallery, I'll have to add that you have some nice pictures. Testing new equipment? in the presence of a lion? Anyway, keep up the good work.

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6/20/2007 12:38:36 PM

John H. Siskin
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  Hi Cindy,
I would think about pricing before I decided how to present my photographs. If this coffee shop has discounted prices than, if you actually expect to make any sales your prices need to be inexpensive. However if this is a location that has high end prices and customers you should present your work in a more upscale manner. Just as you want your work to look good in the location you want to make sure it is appropriate in price. I would consider oversize mats and custom frames if you want to get premium prices. But of course I teach a framing class. Good luck!
Thanks, John Siskin

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6/21/2007 4:35:50 PM

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