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Arthur Y. Sprague

Calibrating an iMac monitor

I have an Intel iMac 20 and a Spyder2Pro.
I am informed by the Spyder folks that the only calibration adjustment on my computer is backlighting, which is labeled as brightness. The color balance is way off. There are no availble color adjustments. Apple has been no help.
I've tried the software "sit back and squint" monitoring program, but the colors on screen do not change.
I took a photo of a light purple orchid. On screen, it was a deep vivid purple. I printed it without any editing; the print looked just like the orchid but a long way from what showed on screen. I have a SyncMaster 191T LCD monitor which I set up as a second monitor. It is well calibrated (Spyder) and the colors are true on it, even in mirror mode.
Any suggestions?

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6/15/2007 7:25:00 PM

Arthur Y. Sprague   I meant "sit back and squint" calibrating program, not monitoring program...

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6/15/2007 7:26:39 PM

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  Hi Arthur,

I have a Samsung Syncmaster 931B LCD monitor, and I'm having big problems with Pantone Huey, and I'm thinking about sending it back and get a Spyder2.
What do you think about the Spyder?



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6/18/2007 4:02:08 AM

Arthur Y. Sprague   I've been quite satisfied with it on my SyncMaster. It's just the iMac where I have problems, and it is probably the fault of the iMac rather than the Spyder2Pro.

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6/18/2007 11:25:09 AM

Gorham P. Miscall   Arthur,

Try going to System Preferences, Displays, Color, and UNcheck the box labelled "Show Profiles for This Display Only" Here you can try out the different ICC Color Profiles.

Hope this helps,


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6/18/2007 2:32:36 PM

Arthur Y. Sprague   Thanks. I've tried them all. I'm not sure that profiles that are not for this display have any effect, but I've tried anyhow. Thanks for the suggestion.


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6/18/2007 9:01:46 PM

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