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Samuel Smith
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church weddings without flash

my hats off to those of you who shoot church weddings without flash.
however I was told I could use flash,ohhh I thought great.but you can actually only shoot from the back balcony.....only found out this upon arrival.40 yards away.big church,and I wasn't struck by lightning.whew.
so the couple called last nite at 8pm.hey we hear you do photography?chuckle,chuckle,chuckle..
I really wish to thank a lot of members here who have given advice on posing,sharing their galleries,dealing with the mum-in-law.the father of the bride who utterly hates the groom.
the father of the 2 little precious flower girls,well mannered and cute as buttons with little white gloves who came over and thanked me for my demeanor and placing.then I jogged his memory,i coached your son for 3 years!!do you still wanna kick my butt?
ohh that sheepish grin,well,well.a parent proud of his son.i think we're best buddies.
happy mothers day and all my thanks,sam

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5/12/2007 9:30:37 PM

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