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Karen Henry

portrait shadows

I am having issues with shadows. In this photo there is a soft box to the right and a strobe shot into an umbrella behind my camera as well. A window is to the left. I will not always have window light when I am shooting, so window light and a reflector alone will not always be the best choice. I seem to get the same shadow effect even when I use just my studio lights in a a dark room with modeling lights. That being said, I understand that the shadow shifts from left to right in a vertical pic depending on where my on-camera flash is. I have a speedlight. Should I be using that and angling it? I've read about brackets but was trying to avoid having to buy another piece of equipment at the moment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I realize that I have a lot to learn and have a long way to go. In the interim I appreciate any advice you can impart.

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4/20/2007 12:04:06 PM

Mark Feldstein
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/17/2005
  I don't quite get why you're using a strobe into an umbrella BEHIND your camera position as that can produce all sorts of problems including shadows of you cast into the subject you're shooting.

You ought to try just going with a single softbox, one reflector as you mentioned to bounce light back into the shaded side of your subject, and see how that works for you. All the portraits on my website were done with a single softbox or strip bank and usually one reflector. Any window light was blocked out using a sheet of fome core. I suggest you just use the equipment you've got, block out the window light and control the light you're using.
Take it ummmmmmmmmmmmm light. ;>)

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4/21/2007 9:38:08 AM

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