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John P. Sandstedt
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Creating Borders

Now a user of Photoshop CS2 and Elements 4.0, I find myself at a loss trying to reproduce an effect I use in Elements 1.0

Specifically, after doing all the editing, it's now time to print the image. In Elements 1.0, I can go to File > Page Setup to find in the lower left corner a box labelled "Border."

Clicking on the box brings up a windows that allows a black border to be placed around the image. You select how thick the border should be in "points."

I guess I'm really losing it in my old age - I can't find the same commands in either Elememts 4.0 or CS2.

In fact, the only way I've, so far, been able to create a border is to enlarge the Canvas [Image > Canvas Size] and adding a small amount - say 0.1 inches. After clicking OK, I go to Image > Adjustment < Invert Then I use the Marquis Tool to select the entire image leaving the "extra canvas" as a white border. Then I use Edit > Fill [with a black forground] to produce a black border around the image.

Obviously, the method in Elements 1.0 is easier and right on. The method in CS2 requires more effort and a strong hand to lay down the Marquis in exactly the right position.

Has anyone found the border maker in either Elements 4.0 or CS@?

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4/11/2007 12:48:02 PM

vicki m. sewell   Hi John, just came across your post.
I am using Elements 4 and to create a border go to- edit>stroke outline. then you can set your border in any colour or size you like. I don't know about CS2 but mabe it is the same there.
Hope this helps.
Regards Vicki.

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4/25/2007 5:30:27 PM

John P. Sandstedt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/8/2001
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  Thanks Vicki, it worked great.

I just wish Adobe would keep the names of the tools the same. The Magic Extractor, in the Tool PAlette in PE4.0, which I us to isolate a flower against a black background, is found [in Photoshop CS2] in the Menu Line at Select > Extract.


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4/26/2007 5:30:09 AM

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