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Jenny Stokes

Taking a picture of my husband laying down...

I want to take a picture of my husband and out newborn sleeping on the couch together. Where would the focus be? What setting would work for indoors w/ low light. I have the canon rebel xti, and completely drew a blank as to what my lense is!! UGH!

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3/12/2007 9:53:17 AM

Mike Rubin
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  Depending on the light and the lens used, you may need to use a tripod to avoid camera shake, A flash would probably destroy the mood of the shot, not to mention waking the baby,lol
Since there will not be any movement in the shot,I would use AV mode and set the f/stop to a small number (larger opening) to allow more light in.Just be aware of your DOF. You could raise your ISO but you risk noise in the image. Remember to take more than one shot from different positions,for one of the shots,try shooting from a low point so it does not look as if you were lookin down on them. Maybe another from a corner of the sofa on an angle. Dont forget a close up including both their faces.
Congrats. on the birth of your baby.

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3/12/2007 7:44:59 PM

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