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Desiree C. Preckwinkle

New Lightsphere vs. original?

So I went to purchase a Gary Fong lightsphere, and it appears there are a few new ones?? I was not aware of that, and was curious if anyone has any info. on the difference or know which one is better? Do they still sell the original?
Thanks for any info.

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3/1/2007 1:25:23 PM

Kix  Pix   The original is very much the same lighting as the LS PJ.

The LS Cloud is more for portraiture so to speak as it is a tad warmer and more flattering.

The chrome dome will fit either of the two new ones, however the amber dome will supposidly work best with the Cloud. I have them all and prefer the PJ to any of them. Less loss of light if any and quality of light is tremendous. I wouldn't buy the chrome dome, that is a waste of money imho.

You may want to look at the newest product, the whale tail.

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4/14/2007 8:21:49 PM

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