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Lisa Sherwood

Apple or Dell for Photography ? Help!

I'm looking for a little advise. I am currently a Dell user and since PS has been a little slow lately and I have leaned a bit more about Computers and Color Management I've been doing a little research. First I was going to purchase a Spyder2 to help with my Monitor Calibration, then I was thinking...if I am serious I need more RAM, my computer only has 512, so I have noticed that a lot of photographers use MACs, hmmm, maybe I should consider switching over. This is what I am thinking: mac w 2 Gig RAM. Does it make a difference if I get a Laptop or a desk top? Also, should I consider a CRT monitor too? I don't knoe if apple makes one, if theu don't how do I configure one to my computer? Which CRT would be good and work with a mac? And if I get a MAC should I still purchase a spyder2 for my monitor? Please help! Thank you...


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2/6/2007 10:37:37 PM

John P. Sandstedt
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  Apple or PC. Cnnon or Nikon. Epson or Canon or HP.

Don't get trapped by your comment, "I notced that a lot of photographers use MACs."

There's no question that, in the Graphic Arts World, MACs are probably used by more professionals. But, in the "universe," Windows-based PCs are probably owned by 90-95% of computer users.

And, there's got to be a reason why, when first announced, there was no version of Elements 4.0 or 5.0 for MACs. Of course, there is now - but why, if "photographers" are the intended audience, [and, again, quoting you - "I have noticed . . ."] hasn't Adobe jumped to the MAC bandwagon.

Probably, you won't have to replace much of your software with a new PC. But, it's possible that you will spend a bunch on new MAC software. Is it worth it? MAC users wil say YES. PC users will say NO!

The Great Debate will continue unabated. Nikon vs. Canon. MAC vs. PC. Epson vs. Canon vs. HP.

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2/7/2007 5:30:55 AM

Craig m. Zacarelli
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  well, the reason your dell is slow is as you said, not enought ram, I have a lowley little dell pc and 1 gb ram, my PSCS2 runs fine... if you boost the ram, get an external hard drive and move ALL your music, pics and videos to the external HD then, go to some of the Adobe PS forums and get all the tips and tricks to getting your PS to run at top speed!!! (even a MAC will run slow if its got no ram and tons of huge files and programs on it.)

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2/7/2007 6:51:12 PM

Lisa Sherwood   Thanks Craig and John. To tell you the truth, I did have a MAC user influencing me on a decision know how that goes.
I think you are both so right. First I think I need to just up my RAM and buy an external hard drive and the Spyder 2. This way I won't have to redo everything and pay so much more. I wonder if I could buy an external monitor, larger -- maybe I should contact Dell and see what my options would be. Thanks for your time and input, I just needed to hear the words of others on this topic. I'm glad I'm not making any rash decisions and researching a bit. Have a nice day!


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2/7/2007 8:20:40 PM

W.    "[...] in the "universe," Windows-based PCs are probably owned by 90-95% of computer users."

The lemmings, or sheep, or cattle, of humankind.

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2/17/2007 2:25:46 PM

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