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Frances Saunders
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/5/2005

BP Courses Re House Photography

I enjoy taking photos of old and abandoned buildings/homes. Do any of the BP courses touch on this subject? If not, which would provide the best general guidance that could be applied to this subject?

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2/1/2007 4:24:54 AM

Kerry Drager
BetterPhoto Member
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  Hi Fran,
Thanks for your interest in BetterPhoto's online classes. What fun subjects those are! I also enjoy photographing old things with lots of character, color and style.

Many courses cover techniques that apply to all sorts of subjects, including old and abandoned buildings. That certainly applies to my own classes - Creative Light and Composition and Creative Close-ups - where students (and instructor!) shoot a variety of subjects.

Besides my classes, also take a look at Digital Art Photographya.

Also, check out the listing of courses in the Composition/Design and Exposure/Lighting categories, since there might be other classes that catch your eye.

Hopefully, this will get you started, but be sure and ask if you have further questions!

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2/1/2007 6:40:29 AM

Frances Saunders
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/5/2005
  Thank you, Kerry. I've been taking BP courses for awhile and just wondered if any of the instructors gave houses a bit of attention. I guess you answered my question! : ) I suppose I'll just continue to generalize!!

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2/1/2007 8:51:06 AM

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