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Aleksandra Miesak
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Nikon Lenses

So I just purchased a Nikon D80 and laid my Nikon N60 to rest. I have a few good Nikkor lenses that I collected over the years but I want to get a good wide angle lense for general use. The D80 came in a set with 2 Sigma Lenses (28-70mm F2.8-4 DG and 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro). Is it worth for me to keep these or should I sell them and get a good wide angle?
Thanks for your help.

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1/21/2007 10:47:56 AM

Bob Fately   Aleksandra, while the two lenses you got are fine, you must remember to take into account the so-called "crop factor" when using the D80. This effectively makes the lenses "less wide angle".

You see, the imaging chip in the D80 is smaller than the size of a 35MM film frame. This is as if you took a negative and printed only a portion of it - cropping out the rest. The factor associated with this size difference on the D80 (and all Nikon DSLRs) is 1.5 - this means that you should multiply the focal length of a lens by 1.5 to get an idea of how it will behave on a DSLR when compared to a 35MM film camera.

Thus, the 300MM lens on the D80 will be like a 450MM lens would be on the's like getting more telephoto length for free. Nifty if you like sports or other distance-oriented shooting, but not so good if you like the perspectives offered by wide angle lenses. A 24MM lens is a pretty nice wide angle lens on a film camera, but on the D80 it's more like a 36MM lens - and that's a noticeable difference.

This is why Nikon and SIgma et al offer even wider-angle focal lengths for DSLRs - a 14MM lens on a DSLR will seem like a 21MM lens is on 35MM film.

So, you must decide how much of a "wide-angle-person" you are to determine if you want to add a shorter focal length lens to your arsenal.

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1/21/2007 11:13:32 AM

Aleksandra Miesak
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/5/2007
  Hmm... So basically since I already have a good 50mm this 28-70mm is not really adding too much benefit to my collection I would be better off selling it and getting a good 14mm as a wide angle.

Thanks Bob.

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1/21/2007 11:30:56 AM

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