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Levix M

ebay camera-needs lenses

i have an ASAHI PENTAX SPOTMATIC SPII Cowhide SNAKE SKIN EMBOSSED camera and its in good working order, will be used for photographing people, most close up.

do I need any special lenses for this type of photography?

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1/21/2007 9:38:54 AM

doug Nelson   If this camera is in good working order, you are in for a treat. Lenses for this are very, very common and cheap. In addition to Pentax's own screw-mount M-42 screw size lenses are the East German Jena versions built with the old Contax optical formulas, Mamiya-Sekor and Fujica, independent lens maker offerings such as Vivitar and Soligor. The best lenses for your purpose are not zooms, necessarily, but prime (one focal length) lenses in the 85 to 105 range. Many mfrs made 90mm or so macro lenses that will also serve as portrait lenses. Zooms, however, are plentiful and cheap in the 80-200 range and may give you true optical quality.

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1/22/2007 9:28:55 AM

doug Nelson   Check and see if this version of the Spotmatic uses wide-open aperture metering. If it does, you'd be better off with Pentax SMC series lenses. These lenses will allow wide open metering. Other may as well, but all that was a long time ago. Older screw mounts require you to stop the lens down to the aperture your light meter calls for to take your shot, not a bad thing; I did it for years.

They are very available at, a reputable used photo equipment dealer in Atlanta. I don't work for them; I've just had overwhelmingly good experiences with them.

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1/22/2007 1:02:07 PM

Christopher A. Walrath
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  I would also like to throw out that eBay suggestion. There is no shortage in supply for Pentax-type M42 screw mount lenses. Also, if you currently have another camera system, there are many adapters for using your 35mm SLR lenses on a camera body with a M42 screw mount by employing an adapter, also numerous in style and availability.

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1/30/2007 4:37:46 PM

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