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member since: 1/2/2007

Should I buy this camera?

I found this listing for a Minolta Maxxum 400si with a 70-210mm lense for $90...... I'm a beginner and I'm looking for a good 35mm to take mostly up close photos. Do you think I should buy it or wait to find a better camera to suit my needs? All help would be apreciated. (btw i'm want to try to buy it today before some one else gets it)

1/2/2007 10:11:14 AM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/21/2004
  welcome maryn,
although I own several minolta film cameras I am not really familar with that model.the only drawback I saw on a quick search was that it had a plastic lens mount.yet the reviews said it was very user friendly and was a great beginner camera.
close up shots are the result of macro lenses and close up accessories.
I have a minolta 70-210(macro) but it won't focus any closer than 3.6ft.and I have used it with a #4 close-up filter with decent results.
kinda help?sam

1/2/2007 1:50:41 PM

Christopher A. Walrath
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/25/2006
  I you're going to go Minolta, then go eBay and get an X or SRT series. These are mostly to fully manual and will allow you to learn about all of the settings. And they have lenses that focus close. My 28mm focuses down to 9 inches. And there are old macro bellows that are truly amazing in their enlarging and closing down depth of focus. I have this system. I have an XG-M and an sr-T101 with numerous lenses. Just beware of GAS!

1/7/2007 8:28:23 AM


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