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Photography Question 
Megan p
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/27/2005

catch all?

I am sure I totally missed this conversation but what is "Catch all" in the contest? just anything?? Thank you and Happy New years Everyone!!

1/1/2007 6:08:24 AM

Sharon  Day
BetterPhoto Member
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Sharon 's Gallery

member since: 6/27/2004
  Looks like it's still the category to place your Special Effects photos but now everyone else can dump whatever into this category as well. Read more here.

Photo Contest Categories

1/1/2007 6:50:20 AM

Ken Smith
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 6/11/2005
  Looks like we both started the discussion thread at the same time. LOL

1/1/2007 6:57:07 AM

Megan p
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/27/2005
  Thank you Sharon, I did miss that, the New years Fog.. :)
Ken, Great minds think alike, LOL!!

1/1/2007 7:06:33 AM

Carolyn  M. Fletcher
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 10/6/2001
  Let's not get that same old arguement going again. It's just what it says, a catch all for things that don't really fit under the other categories.

1/1/2007 8:08:02 AM

Kay Beausoleil
BetterPhoto Member
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member since: 5/31/2004
  Fantastic, BP -- thanks for the welcome change!

1/1/2007 9:29:05 AM

Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
  Yes, hello friends!

I did just update the contest pages, renaming the "Special Effects" category to "Catch-All". Catch-all will be for everything, including special effects, still life images, and whatever else doesn't fit into the other categories.

Thanks for your thanks, Kay :)

Happy New Year to all,

Jim Miotke,
President,, Inc.
Celebrating 10 years of community, learning, and fun!

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1/1/2007 11:11:50 AM

Megan p
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/27/2005
  Thank you Jim, it will be a fun category to watch! Happy New Year! ~Megan

1/1/2007 11:17:02 AM

Wendy S. Mogul
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/9/2005
  Ok I got it! Thanks for responding!
You guys are the best!!!

1/12/2007 9:00:43 PM

Jim Miotke
BetterPhoto Member
Owner,, Inc.
  You're welcome and thank YOU! :)

1/12/2007 10:45:23 PM

anonymous A. 

member since: 9/19/2005
  Great! This has been the subject of many threads, and I reckon this is a good approach and a sensible response.
Thanks, Jim.

1/13/2007 10:43:40 PM

Mary C. Legg
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/15/2006
  thanks- I hadn't really thought of it for still life and recognized it as special effects. Now I can add more still lifes to the collection-- is muchly appreciated since I am learning this new Fach--and sorry for the singing terms, but doubt if I will ever be a "photographer".

1/17/2007 1:48:12 AM


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