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Jimmy W. Kennington
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/3/2006

Lenses Lenses Lenses

i am curious as to what type of lens is used for certain things. for example, what type of lens is used to make landscape shots come out extra clear. Or, what lens is best used for shooting foliage, or macro, etc. I am looking to buy a lens for landscape and macro, any suggestions as to what type?

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12/25/2006 7:34:13 PM

W.    For super high-res landscapes you need a short telephoto lens, 85 to 105mm, and photo stitching software:

Wide angle lenses are pretty useless for landscapes since you lose all detail in the perspective distortion. Wide angle lenses are good for indoor and pop concert photos. NOT for landscapes!

For macro, you need a macro lens... DUH.

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12/26/2006 7:30:41 AM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/21/2004
  welcome jimmy,
pete gave you a pretty good description of lens choices earlier,you should have stayed with that thread if you wanted a better explanation or more info.
if your still shooting with that elf-aps all auto camera,ya got me wondering what's up.and a snow scene setting?
just about any lens can be used for landscapes.mostly I use a 28mm prime,on a tripod with a remote release.depth of field is another issue.
if I want the sun to appear,larger than life,i'll use a telephoto around 3 to 400mm to pull up the sun.
I took a look at your gallery.clarity is an issue.either from camera shake or using a large aperture or both.maybe a high iso.
I think w.s. is steering you towards panoramic photography done with stitching software vs in camera panoramas.
and macro work depends on how serious your venture is and how much ya wanta spend.

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12/26/2006 1:03:44 PM

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