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Deborah Liperote
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/8/2006

How Many Images

For all you wedding photographers.... on the average, how many images do you take for a wedding. I'm not asking how you structure your package or how many proofs you give. Just on the average...between you and your assistant, how many images do you take to chose your proofs from?

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12/23/2006 1:52:24 PM

W.    Hi Deborah,

I make between 600 and 1,000 exposures for a whole day wedding. Meaning from groom collecting bride (9 or 10 am), via ceremony, reception, supper, up to the end of the wedding dance party (approx. 3 am...).

How about you?

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12/23/2006 3:36:22 PM

Deborah Liperote
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/8/2006
  It's around the same.(800-1200) But here's why I asked... Do you find that as much as people want a wedding photographer that they get irritated with you when it's time for pictures? I take the typical poses and then for the most part, my shots are candid and informal and the customer is very happy with their pictures but it just seems like I might be taking too many and irritating them the day of. I stay out of sight and try to not let them see me shooting but they catch you and they seem so irrited. What can I I taking too many? It's not like I'm constantely asking them to "pose for the picture" all night. Any suggestions?

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12/24/2006 8:30:43 AM

John P. Sandstedt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/8/2001
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  I realize that with digital one CAN take upwards of 1,000 images at a wedding but . . .

How can anyone make money as a wedding photographer when s/he must wade through so many less than great images to find the 50-100 that the B&G or parents might be willing to buy? And then there's the time for editing - even if there sent out to a service for printing.

Seems to me, snapping so many pictures is a means of hoping something might not be missed - possibly a possibility. But with a little planning, fewer pressings of the shutter seems doable.

A friend, who shot weddings professionally [with film] for years back in the 80's and 90's, offered his package: Five hours and four 36-exposure rolls at the ceremony and reception. Anything at home before, etc., was extra. He sent everything out for processing. Typical cost: $1,500. Of course, the price would be higher today. But, how does one charge for 1,000 pictures, especially since most will be thrown away?

It's a puzzlement!

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12/24/2006 10:56:29 AM

Deborah Liperote
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/8/2006
  That's what I'm saying. I've asked around to all the local photographers and they take so darn many pictures so that's what I figured I sould do. But wedding after wedding after wedding it's the same images that get picked and my assistant and I over worked our cameras again. That's not a problem- please don't get me wrong. I'm just wondering if I'm doing a little over kill. I still always look for new ways to be creative, interesting and unique for the client.

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12/24/2006 11:13:54 AM

W.    "how does one charge for 1,000 pictures, especially since most will be thrown away?"

One doesn't, John.

"It's a puzzlement!?"

No, it's digital.

Plus of course a iron workflow regimen and about 5 to 6 hours of dedicated pp-ing. Prints and albums outsourced.

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12/24/2006 5:39:20 PM

Robert M. Nicholson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/19/2005
  The way I look at it is...the bride and groom is spending "big bucks" for me to capture their wedding! I usually take about 1000 pics but end up trimming it down to about 400ish. Talk to the b&g before the wedding day and ask them to tell you when you are taking too many pics! I try to stay still and not take too many pics during the ceremony and some of the other intimate times of the day. Like church, first dance and dinner. This is one of the most important days of a couples lives and I am there to capture it!

I try to shoot without a flash as much as possible...take pics of the guests and small details of the wedding. That was I am not in the b&g faces all the time!

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12/26/2006 12:13:58 PM

Pete H
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/9/2005
  Hi Deborah,

I stopped shooting weddings about 6 yrs ago. When I did, it was about 300-400 shots. (35mm & Med format) Almost all the images were used..nearly all the small prints were used for the album, many for enlargements.
My total time was about 8 shooting hrs.
2 hrs in studio, 6 for the pre-ceremony and ceremony. Another 6 hrs for lab time, pickup, sorting and delivery.
At that time my fee was $1,800

I farmed out the reception shooting. Always hated shooting the reception. LOL

All the best,


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12/26/2006 6:33:01 PM

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