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kelly pot
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Photographing 3-Month-Old Twins

I am photographing 3-month-old twins. I have no clue what to do - I don't think they sit up. One baby I can do, but I have no experience with twins (only newborns). Any suggestions or props would be so appreciated ... thank you!

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11/22/2006 2:58:03 PM

W.    Select a nice background first. If the weather is any good where you are, that could, of course, also be a picturesque landscape or such. Put down a big, thick soft blanket with the twins on that. If possible, shoot with the sun coming from the left or right, for some 'modeling', and set on-camera flash to half-power fill-flash. Then - VERY important! - get your camera down to THEIR eye-level (if they're on a table, you can use a tripod, otherwise you'll have to crouch) and shoot away.
Use a short telephoto lens (100 to 150mm; in 35mm equivalent), not a wide-angle lens, because that distorts too much. Use wide-open apertures to throw the background out of focus. Or small apertures to keep the background (relatively) sharp.
Make as many exposures as possible (before they start crying...), so later you will have as much choice as possible.
If you don't want to use flash for fill-in, you can also use a big piece of foamcore to soften shadows.
If the weather prohibits going outside, you can do the same thing inside. But you will need at least 1 strong flashgun reflected via foamcore to provide a main soft light (from 45 degrees left or right) and a big foamcore reflector on the other side to open up/soften any remaining shadows. Choose a light coloured - pastel tinted background.
If you want to merge later with another photo as background, you should choose a black background - well-distanced from the twins (to get it under-exposed = black).
Have fun!

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11/23/2006 8:24:58 AM

Courtney Lawyer   Twins are very special. I have twin brothers who are currently 3 1/2. One of the things about twins that is so cool is their special relationship. It's like none other. Many times twins are like one person, one mind, in two bodies. Try to capture their closeness. Take most of the pictures from their level but also take one to the two with the heads and shoulders, but position them so their feet are on opposite sides so their heads are right next to each other. Also take a picture of their feet together. One of my favorite pictures (unfortuantly it's just a blurry snapshot) from when my brothers were infants was one of them holding eachother's hands as they lay next to eachother. The picture was of just the hands but it is so precious. I would also do a couple of each of them seperate. While twins are so special you'll also want to protect thier individuality. Take a few singles of each so they have that but do most of them together (although note that you have to do this fast because some babies don't like being away from thier twin and will be much more compfortable together). I wouldn't use to many props because you've got two. I think if you focus on capturing the specialness and closeness of their relationship, you'll end up with the images you and mom and dad are looking for. What a privledge! Have fun! I'd love to see them!


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11/28/2006 8:30:14 AM

Bunny Snow
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  I concur with everything W.S. has written, and I would also like to add that most babies can hold up their heads at 3 months.

I sat myself and my tripod on the ground next to our bed, having placed my daughter who was 3 months old in April, 1974 on a pale pink blacket on the bed. Our daughter was dressed in a pink wigglesuit.

I then focused on her very long eyelashes and beckoned a smile. She gave me a big, beautiful happy smile, her blue eyes twinkling and her very long-eyelashes wire sharp.

Although the image has faded now, for years, it was our favorite picture.
Capture your babies now, before the time fades away. Each month creates new learned behavior which is worthy of more portraits.

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11/28/2006 1:46:37 PM

I photograph lots of babies and it can be hard to get good pictures of two who cant sit up yet. If they can support their heads you could lay them on their fronts either facing towards each other or towards you and take some shots like that. its also nice to lay them on their backs with their heads close together (their bodies in opposite directions) and take the pictures from above. This is good outside with soft natural light, not sunny or theyll squint, or inside with flash bounced off the ceiling, which is how I took the sample photo. Good luck.

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11/28/2006 1:51:39 PM

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