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Lauren M. Murdoch

Portraits in the snow

My sister has recently asked me to photograph her Announcement Pictures for her wedding. These pictures will either take place in the mountains or with the mountains in the background. Either way they will be covered in snow, of which i'm sad to say I have never photographed. I've only been photographing for 2 years and I have a Cannon Rebel 2000 and i'm not sure how to best tackle this project.

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11/19/2006 4:36:33 PM

Margie Hurwich
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/16/2005
  First off, Lauren, welcome to BetterPhoto. You will love it here!

For your portraits, you will probably want to overexpose the shot but 1 or 2 stops, depending on how much snow there is. This is due to the fact that your camera's meter will think the snow is too bright, and unfortunetly, will make it look grey.

Hope this helps.

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11/19/2006 8:12:24 PM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  Agree, except for the terminology. You're not going to "overexpose", you're going to apply +1 or so stops of Exposure Compensation to the meter reading in order to get the correct exposure. ;-) To do so, you'll have to set the Rebel for one of P, Av, Tv, or M exposure modes since those are the only ones that allow exposure compensation. Note also that the camera will remember this setting after being shut off, so don't forget to set EC back to 0 when you're done.

If your subjects are going to be strongly lit by the sun - which can cause shadows on the face - you should shoot some with flash. Fill-flash outdoors is automatic with Rebel, you don't need any special settings.

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11/20/2006 5:33:52 AM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  P.S. I should say that fill-flash will be automatic with the built-in flash or a dedicated TTL accessory flash. It won't be automatic with a non-dedicated auto-thyristor or studio lights.

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11/20/2006 5:36:14 AM

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