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Valerie A. Niblack

How Am I Doing

Hi! I uploaded some photos I took of my sister and her fiancee and my sister-in-law and I could use some input Thanks!

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10/31/2006 8:47:05 PM

Ben F
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/30/2004
  Hey valerie,

Im by no means a portrait guru so take my opinions with a pinch of salt if need be. lol

I think theyre pretty good, actually i'd say they were excellent for a first ever attempt. The first image in your gallery I reckon is the best, closely followed by the head-to-head one and the black and white.
The black and white one I think is really good except for 2 small things - the reflections in the guys glasses and I also think you could have come a little closer. just my opinion, but either way, youve captured them happy and smiling which is great.

The outdoor pic is a really good pose, although the colour etc is pretty dull but I suspect thats due to weather conditions. You should try get them again like that maybe late afternoon on a sunny day. (depending where the sun is shining from of course), but I really like it.

Well done, keep on goin and experimenting, youve done REALLY well for a first go.

good luck

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11/1/2006 3:55:48 AM

Denyse Clark
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/2/2002
  Hi Val- Great start!!! My favorites are also the 1st one & b&w one... Keep working on your poses, it really can impact your shot by slight adjustments.

For example, I LOVE the b&w one, and like him sitting with her behind, but my eyes are drawn to her elbows. I would've like to see her hands over his shoulders resting on his chest or something like that.

Like Ben, this is just my 2 cents! :) Great job, keep working!!

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11/1/2006 8:14:56 AM

John P. Sandstedt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/8/2001
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  You need to watch several things.

In many of the pictures, you've cropped off hands and feet - justa little bit, but these crops ruin the images. You probably can salvage several by cropping further.

If your going to have your models posing [reclining on the floor,] you need to be on the floor also. Several images are disturbing because the camera is pointing down.

The shot entitled Natalie and Zack should be cropped so that all that room behind them is eliminated. You might also try rotating the image a little to get a little uumph!

All pictures of Kandace are totally centered. Think Rule of Thirds.

The picture of the macaws is so "digital." Your apparent use of one of the lasso tools isn't clean and therefore, this shot really needs work.
Before you play with Photoshop, make certain you're do everything you can in the camera. Use Photoshop only as a last resort.

Don't know how your prints look, but all these need sharpening.

But, keep working. Especially on the portraits.

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11/1/2006 8:44:20 AM

Valerie A. Niblack   Thanks everybody for the tips and opinions. I'll keep working on it. Val

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11/1/2006 7:31:46 PM

  great, if you were doing a pregnancy shoot

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11/2/2006 8:21:49 AM

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