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Christy Freeberg
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/2/2005

looking for help with a Paint ShopPro Studio prog

I am hoping someone else out there is familiar with the program Paint Shop Pro Studio- I have had a lot of great ideas come from this- I now am wishing I would have researched further and gone with an Adobe program. What I'm hoping for here, is a little help on the steps to take for a como pic with black and white- and just a splash of color here or there! I love those pics- but can't make sence of my program regarding this technique! I plan to invest in Adobe Photoshop CS2- for now- this is what I have! Thanks!

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10/25/2006 7:41:36 PM

anonymous A.    Studio is a cut-down version of Paint Shop Pro that hasn't been available since version 9, as far as I know...but is can easily handle this kind of task, since it has full Layer functianlity.
Here's the simplest way to go:

1. make a duplicate layer of the picture you want to work with (Layers/Duplicate
2. Convert the top layer to monochrome (do NOT use the Image/Convert to Greyscale or both layers will be affected. The best way is probably to go to Adjust/Color/Color Mixer and check the Monochrome box. Then adjust the sliders until you have the tones as you want them (the red, green and blue should always add up to about 100). When you are satisfied,
3. select the areas where you want the original color retained and erase them, showing the layer below (which is still colored, of course.
4. Merge the layers (Layers/Merge/Merge all (flatten)) and save as a .tiff or jpeg with a new name (so you still have your original image intact).
You'll see several examples in my Gallery, like the cheetahs on page 8.

By the way, the technique is the same in Photoshop's various versions...but if you are having trouble following Paintshop, Photoshop won't make you life easier; I'd respectfully suggest you upgrade to PSP X or XI; the Learning Centre will step you through just about any job you will ever want to do. I have several verions of PS but they sit idle on my computer ~ PSP is as powerful and a lot more user friendly.

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10/26/2006 5:29:55 AM

Christy Freeberg
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/2/2005
  Wow! Thanks so much for the feed back! I usually get the opposite info regarding Photoshop- that it's the program that is supposed to be so much easier- I do like the cost difference comparing the two- Paintshop is alot more affordable! I really appreciate you breaking down the steps for me- so for- that's been the only heardle I've had with the program! Otherwise I'm very hapy with it!

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10/27/2006 9:21:11 AM

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