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A.M. Kane

Image quality translated to print size

Does there exist an easy tool to translate what size prints one might be able to get out of digital images based on their size, quality, etc.? I have a number of images dimensions 2200x1500 and between 700-950 KB for which I would like to get the largest size print possible. Many thanks. amk

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9/25/2006 7:32:51 AM

Ariel Lepor
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/8/2005
For a 300 DPI print (super sharp photo intended for viewing up close)

Print Size Resolution needed for 300 DPI print

4x6 about 2 MP
5x7 about 3 MP
8x10 about 6 MP
11x14 about 14 MP
13x20 about 23 MP


For a 150 DPI print (photo quality when viewed at "arms length")

Print Size Resolution needed for 150 DPI print
4x6 about 0.5 MP
5x7 about 1 MP
8x10 about 2 MP
11x14 about 3.4 MP
13x20 about 6 MP
So the largest you should print with your 3.3 MP would be 11x14, but it would look best at 5x7.

ScrattyPhotography Blog

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9/26/2006 2:50:00 PM

A.M. Kane   Thank you Ariel

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9/27/2006 8:11:52 AM

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