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Jagadeesh Andrew Owens

Photoshop CS2 Printing Experts, Please!

All right, guys - I went from PSP X to PSCS2 this past week. I love it. But now printing is a chore. I get dark prints. The colors are spot on, but it looks like the printers has incorporated a "multiply" layer, if you know what I mean. I have tried all four print options with the same photo (absolute, relative, perceptual, and the other one)and they are all coming out dark. I let photoshop manage the colors, and am printing with the Adobe 1998 color space embedded. Black point compensation is checked. What else? I've didn't have this problem with PSPX, so I know it's something I'm doing (or not doing) in PSCS2, and I'm using the exact same paper and ink. My monitor is calibrated. Again, all settings in regards to workspace and printing preferences inherent to the printer itself have remained the same, so I think I'm messing up something in PSCS2. Oh, I have a book by the PS expert Scott Kelby, and according to his direction I've set the top print preference in print with preview dialogue to "prepress" (don't remember the whole name). Do you guys have any suggestions? I searched the archives and net, but a billion hits was just too overwhelming.....

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9/25/2006 7:24:19 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens   Come on? Anyone? Where's one of those instructors browsing the threads when you need one....dang...

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9/25/2006 12:21:37 PM

Jim  M. White   Sipho,
Right off the bat let me say that the dialogue box for Print With Preview is different in CS2 than it was in CS. You say you went from PS X to PSCS2....CS was version 8 and CS2 is version 9, so what exactly do you mean?
What printer and paper are you using, and are you printing to a profile, or just letting the printer manage the color? Are you on a Mac or a PC? Let me know.

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9/26/2006 8:15:46 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens   Paint Shop Pro X, not CS! I am using the Canon i6600 and use a variety of papers (Ilford, Hahnemulle, HP for the proofs, Canon for proofs) but downloaded and utilize ICC profiles for each paper that has them available. I don't let the printer manage the color, I make sure that Photoshop manages it. Oh, and I'm on a PC.

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9/26/2006 8:18:57 AM

Jim  M. White   Can you post me a screen shot of your Print With Preview Dialogue box and a screenshot of your settings after selecting "Advanced"? Just want to seee exactly what's going on. Thanks!

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9/26/2006 8:26:19 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens   Sure will, but it will have to be tomorrow...I'm at work right now!! LOL!! Don't have PSCS2 on this computer. Keep an eye out and a BILLION thanks for your help.

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9/26/2006 8:29:14 AM

Jim  M. White   No problem and happy to help. We will get to the bottom of it. If you prefer, just email me the screenshots directly.

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9/26/2006 8:42:37 AM

Jon Canfield   Jim comments are right on the money Andrew. Without seeing screen shots, I would add in that in addition to making sure that color management is turned off in the print driver that you need to be sure you are selecting the proper paper type and quality there.

Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual are the only two choices that should be considered for photo printing.


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9/26/2006 8:52:09 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens  
Here's the screen shot, everyone.

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9/27/2006 5:31:56 AM

Jon Canfield   Andrew -
If these are the settings you're using, the problem is in your choice of printer profile. Here you have Adobe RGB selected as the printer profile when you should be selecting a paper type that matches your printer and paper choice. Adobe RGB is the working space that you're using, which is not the same as a device profile.


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9/27/2006 6:08:07 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens   Thanks Jon. I realize that, though. As I actually didnt' print this image, I didn't select one of my paper profiles. Just left it at Adobe RGB. What does Jim mean when he says he wants to see a screen shot after I click "advanced"? There is no "advanced" button on that dialogue box.

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9/27/2006 6:13:16 AM

Jim  M. White   Andrew,
Some of the Windows machines with Epson print drivers used to prompt you to click "Advanced" in order to get to the color management area. Disregard as this is the info we needed. Jon is right, in that with this setup there really is no color management going on, or not the kind you want anyway.

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9/27/2006 7:54:19 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens   Thanks guys! Hopefully relative colormetric and my paper profiles will fix the problem.

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9/27/2006 8:39:08 AM

Jim  M. White   Let us know Andrew.

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9/27/2006 8:45:56 AM

Jagadeesh Andrew Owens   Jim and Jon -
This may've been the totally wrong thing to do - but I'm getting prints that match my screen. I set all the preferences (except working space) to my Huey Calibrated Monitor Profile. Even with the Hahnemulle and Ilford papers I've done this, and it seems to work. Any areas that you can think of where doing this might be a disadvantage?

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10/4/2006 9:36:12 AM

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