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Chad Bullins

Is a Tablet notebook good for a photographer ?

Is a Tablet notebook good for a photographer? Im looking at two notebooks for for working on photos with photoshop. Anyone know if a HP tablet or the Gateway tablet is worth getting for a photographer and for editing photos ??

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9/18/2006 11:46:31 AM

Andrew Laverghetta
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/13/2004
  Are you saying that you would use a tablet computer where the whole computer is thin? I would say you might want to use a desktop pc and not a notebook though you could buy a tablet to do your editing with a stylus if that's what you're talking about. I don't think that notebook monitors are as good to use though, at least for color management purposes and using the mouse and keyboard. Though like I said, there's something that many people around here have mentioned, I think it's something like the Wacom Grapphire Tablet for about $99.

Good luck in your search!


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9/20/2006 10:51:30 PM

Danielle E. Rutter
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/4/2006
  It depends on how much RAM it has. But like Andrew said... the monitors on laptops and notebooks aren't the greatest for editing because they change from dark to light depending on which way you tilt the screen and it's hard to tell what is accurate.

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9/23/2006 5:11:58 AM

Joni M. Romero   I'm using a laptop, hate it, and am getting ready to buy a desktop (iMac, actually). I can never figure out which angle is the "correct" color. At some angles, my pictures look too dark, or too light, or too saturated, etc.

Perhaps a more expensive machine would solve this problem; I don't know.

Hope someone can help you with this.


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9/24/2006 6:19:55 PM

Sharon  Day
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  The display is awful on my laptop compared to my desktop. I prefer a desktop with a LCD screen for editing.

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9/24/2006 9:21:01 PM

Chad Bullins   Well thank's for the replys every body !!! It has helped me put things in perspective.

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9/27/2006 6:30:20 AM

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