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Alicia McMahill
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Is it unprofessional?

I am up and going with my photography...(I told about three people I was trying to get my photography thing going and then I thought you know what I can either 'do it' or 'try') anyways. I have been working for the local paper (and still haven't been paid for over 30 pict, but that is for another post) and I have been more or less giving my pict away to parents of the kids I have pict of from games and that sort of thing....well I have been using the paper and the 'free' pict as a word of mouth sort of thing as I live in a town with one stoplight. And I think it has been worth it. I got a call tonight from a lady that I had given one of the pict to for a friend's wedding next month. She called to ask how serious I was about the photography thing and I asked what she needed, we are getting together this week to have her look at my work and see if I am what she wants to use:] Now...I have done two other weddings -1st was one my husband was in and I took a bunch of picts and bought an album from Target and gave that as our gift. 2nd one was for family that was in bare feet in the backyard of a house. So now that I am doing this, where do I get everything:} Ok like the ablum I know that the one from Target worked as a gift and I liked it, but as a pro thing is that not right? Or can I use that as my own sort of "thing", not the traditional black or brown albums that everyone else has? If no then where do I order them? Proofs, the boxes, the folders. Boy! now that I took the jump...I am not sure if I remember how to swim:}
Thanks for the read and any ideas

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8/20/2006 10:48:13 PM

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