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Sam Ellis

Pack Shots and lighting/background

I seem to be getting asked to do more and more pack photography by advertising clients. Generally the phots are ok( I am critical tho- like all of us) but My question is I think I need to outlay some money and get a proper light table and etc etc to stop reflections and get good backdrop. What advice has anyone because I know I am not doing it correctly and my pics are getting by, but I could do a better job if I had the correct equipment.
I am currently using A Metz flash with material backdrops - I do have a Hensel studio flash but rarely use this for pack shots. HELP....

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11/1/2001 11:40:18 AM

Ken Pang   I'm into a different kind of photography than you (candid/casual, not commercial) but here's my opinion.

I don't like excessive lighting equipment. I can always tell when lighting looks unnatural - and since they are shooting in the part, I can guess that they want the natural "free and easy" look.

My personal preference is to sit people in such a position that natural reflections (from the ground, or nearly objects) provide gentle fill light for whatever shadows the sun causes. In some situations, I use a piece of golden cardboard or white cardboard to do the fill - usually at a great enough distance so it doesn't look like they're having a gold piece of cardboard reflected into their face!

I'd suggest that you try using a cardboard reflector first, before you splash out (hey, for 70cents what have you got to lose?) If you're not happy then, maybe someone else with more experience with lights can help you out.

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11/3/2001 10:53:44 PM

Sam Ellis   The reflector is greta for people shots especially grps etc but this is for commercial pack sots. The kind you see in adverts. They are definately using artificial lighting and I really would like to know how they get it like it is ?? Anyone else with some clues

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11/4/2001 6:34:42 AM

Ken Pang   Oops, thought you said Park shots *blush* My mistake.

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11/4/2001 7:02:35 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Alright, maybe I'm being stupid here but I'll bit. What the heck is a pack shot?

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11/4/2001 8:13:27 PM

Sam Ellis   Maybe "pack shots" is a SouthAfrican term - but basically what I mean is shots of things for advertising - eg a pot full of cooked potatoes - or stew - for spice labels. A packet of flour - a bowl of fruit salad - a bottle of wine etc etc.


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11/6/2001 8:26:01 AM

Tony Peckman   Thank goodness we have Ken to ask the stupid (obvious) questions :)
I had no clue what "pack" shots were. I was just going to leave it alone.
Thanks Ken.

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11/20/2001 10:49:57 AM

Tony Peckman   Oops, sorry Ken, I meant Jeff K.
But Ken, we're glad we have you too.

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11/20/2001 10:52:07 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Thanks Tony...........I think. ;-)))

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11/20/2001 1:02:31 PM

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