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Duane D

Protective Spray on Prints Worthwhile?

On my earlier ink jet prints I used the old time photo spray, which at least kept every drop of water from ruining the image. It lengthened the life of image. Would this still be a helpful thing to do with the more durable prints now available on Epson and others?

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10/31/2001 6:26:32 AM

Brian Arsenault   Duane...

I use a protective spray on all my inkjet prints for two reasons. First, it does prevent any water drops from damaging the print. Second, the spray that I use (Lumijet ImageShield) also has a UV protectant. I spray on 3 to 4 very light coats, alternating the direction (North/South then East/West) to get an even coat.

Good luck!

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11/15/2001 8:41:21 PM

Lynette Anderson   Where can I get this protective spray? Also, Konica makes a waterproof photo paper. Would you recommend the spray or the paper? Thank you.

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2/25/2002 10:57:13 AM

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