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Ercan Kurtarýr

Printing by CMYK

I must purchase a photo printer for the firm I work. But I have cost limitations and the printer I advice must be satisfactory. I heard about epson c80. It also has the advantage of having seperate (CMY) tanks for colors. But the matter is output quality... It doesn't have mid-colors which exist in photo cartridges. C80 is around 170$. Would it be enough for photography prints in quality or should I invest on something else that would not cost too much?
(I should add that, I hate throwing out the entire cartridge when just one color finishes.)
Thanks from now on! : )

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10/27/2001 4:43:50 AM

doug Nelson   It depends on what your firm does with these prints. I think all inkjets print in CMYK, anyway, doing the RGB to CMYK conversion in the software.

Epson seems to deliver true photographic quality, but I wonder if that comes cheap. The Epson Photo 890 will deliver stunning color and detail IF you feed 240 ppi resolution into it. The 890 is $300. You might find an Epson 870 in a Ritz camera store for about $150. It's an older version of the 890, and prints beautifully. These printers use one cartridge for color. The print screen tells you when you're running low on ink.
The HP 900-series uses their PhotoRet III technology to give what Consumer Reports says is photo quality, for about $150.

Inkjets are impractical for reproducing multiple copies for customers. Each print costs at least $1. For wide distribution, you'd be better off giving a printing company a digital file with your image and text. Just ask the printer what his resolution requirement is.

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10/28/2001 9:22:37 AM

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