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Patrycja Adamowska
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/12/2006

party during overcast day

hello!During this weekend I was taking photos at the kids party. I checked weather before so I knew I may expect clouds or even rain. So I was looking for the tips here like also in some books. I knew to try avoid to includ sky on the pic.,or that black and white pic. would be nice during days like that.I read that overcast softens daylight and it reduces contrast.It coses that colors will look less bright,becouse no sharp contrast beetwen direct light and shadows.I tried the tips. But mostly I needed color pictures,so I didn't want shoot B&W. And now my pic. mostly look softy...or kind of wasched.. It looks like I used some softener filter. Especielly when I included river and sky behind the subject. But I couldn't not to do it!KIds were running and I was taking my opportunity to catch the moment!Should I mostly use flash? it any way I can fix my photos? I know in PS I can play with saturation and tempreture,with contrast. But how to make the subject look more sharp,not so soft? With this softly light around them? What filter maybe should I use now? Can somebody try to help me in easy way? Thanks in advance!

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7/23/2006 6:33:14 PM

Mike Rubin
BetterPhoto Member Since: 10/15/2004
  Lighting is tough but overcast light was probably better than harsh direct sun. You seem to already know how to boost contrast and saturation , you may also need to selectivley apply USM to sharpen the subjects, just be carefull to not over-do it.If you have blownout highlights ther is not much you can do after the fact except maybe change the background but that might not make the parents happy.
Another thing you can try is to crop the images to remove as much of the background as possible.

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7/23/2006 6:44:58 PM

Patrycja Adamowska
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/12/2006
  Thanks Mike. I have just tried to change the sky -I added very light blue so it looks nicer.I don't wana change the whole background however.. ;-) I also tried to cut some parts of sky but sometimes it is just not possible. And becouse of the sky and the river as I mention in my question , the kids are not sharp enough and their faces are soft.on some pic. it even looks nice but just have feelings too many of pic. like that is not too good either.
o well.. will be still keep trying to save some more photos. ;-)


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7/23/2006 7:57:08 PM

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