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Aamod Gokhale

How to reduce red eye effect?????

how to reduce red eye effct in the nikon coolpix s4 model? The same information is not provided in the user manual of the camera.

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7/18/2006 5:04:57 AM

Ariel Lepor
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  I don't know about the camera, but if you shoot at an angle to the eye (not straight at the eye) there should be less red-eye. Also, there's programs out there which are easy to use and do a great job.

ScrattyPhotography Blog

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7/20/2006 11:21:40 PM

Alan N. Marcus   Hi Aamod,

As you have discovered, the CoolPix S4 is totally automated. Stated another way, the user has no ability to choose/select, any manual settings for aperture, shutter speed or focus. The camera uses chip logic and selects every lens, shutter and focus-setting based on the mode you have selected. That being said, this camera features an overabundance of user assist. When choosing a flash mode you can select one with auto red-eye reduction. This mode causes the flash to fire at low intensity, several times, before the high intensity (exposing) flash. This technique reduced the likelihood of red-eye by forcing the subject’s pupils to contract in advance of the primary flash.

The camera also features Red-Eye Fix. This is advanced facial recognition software. After the picture is taken, this software makes an effort to identify the existence of red-eye. The software than “fixes” this condition presumably by changing red eye color to a more natural hue. Sorry to report that this "fix" software operates totally transparent to the user. All you can do is stand back with delight that this chip logic was triggered.

Portrait Assist mode allows you to opt for one of seven pre-defined guides, many feature framing assist. Some feature an outline drawn on the display that is intended to help you compose the subject. These are crude outlines of a human head with shoulders that appear in the display, drawn in yellow. Your task is to select the subject-to-camera distance and/or the amount of zoom required to cause your subject to be superimposed on these yellow framing lines. I think this is a clever scheme.

I have a CoolPix S4. I like it.

Alan Marcus

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7/21/2006 6:19:23 AM

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